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New Generations Festival, Milan, 28-30 Nov 2013

New Generations Festival, 28-30 Nov 2013

The New Generations Festival – 28-30 November 2013 – in Milan will be one of the high points of a research project led in 2012 and 2013 by Itinerant Office. The New Generations research, led by Itinerant Office, the architectural practice founded by Gianpiero Venturini, has for the last two years been analysing the impact of the financial crisis on young European architects, with a series of video interviews with 36 young architectural practices.
The crisis has radically changed the approach and profession of the architect. The increasingly unstable situation, is suggesting the rethinking of the role of the architect within society. A new festival in Milan, the New Generations Festival, aims to build a network of different innovators to share ideas and inventive experiences, and make the debate wider and deeper, sharing and branching out to other fields of actions: architecture and design, as much as other creative activities.

The majority of the Festival activities – workshops, round tables and debates with creative talents from different countries (see programme links below) – will be organized at the Fabbrica del Vapore, in the space of La Cattedrale, a late XIX century factory owned by the municipality of Milan and used for cultural events. The Festival, which is free of charge, offers three days of opportunities for sharing, debates and mutual exchange, debating new working models, the production and dissemination of culture in contemporary society.

Programme for day 1, 29 Nov

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