London Festival of Architecture 2021: ‘Care’

Lucy Bullivant

This year’s London Festival of Architecture 2021 adopts the highly topical theme of ‘care’, and exhorts us all to care more. Lucy has been curating Temple Bar Trust’s programme of online talks since June 2020 and our two events in the LFA programme (1-30.6) are: ‘Creating a healthy and child-friendly street for Great Ormond Street Childrens’ Hospital’ (10.6) with architect Magali Thomson, Project Lead for Placemaking, GOSH, a PUBLIC PRACTICE Associate, and ‘Decolonising Urban Spaces’ (24.6) with Sanaa Shaikh, an architect and activist with a passion for inclusion in the built environment, and the founder of Native Studio.

Magali talks about the strategies and challenges entailed in advancing GOSH’s holistic vision for a healthy and child-friendly public realm to support sick children, their carers and the staff, and the surrounding community suffering the effects of deprivation and lack of access to green space. Sanaa explores the different ways in which buildings colonise urban spaces, impacting users, environmental priorities and future generations, and how alternative approaches to facilitate wider participation can help to avoid or at least mitigate the impact of spatial exclusion.

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