Issue 2Local-Eyes!

Local-Eyes! explores the role of the 'local' in building the 'local' community. Whether self organized, rallied together by a leader or a leading organization, teams of individuals can be extremely powerful in shaping cities. This issue's articles, part 1 of a two-part issue on bottom-up initiatives, demonstrate this through theory and practice, through explanations of transformations of post-Soviet cities to explications of the Venice Biennale and the Richard Rogers' Inside Out exhibit.



‘Dwell in possibility’*: forthcoming issue of Urbanista.org, out in autumn 2018!

Dwell in possibility’, the next issue of Urbanista.org is coming soon, including Custom & Self build: investigating the sector; Karakusevic Carson’s mixed use and tenure housing in London; Darryl Chen (Hawkins\Brown) on The Emperor’s New Housing – the London Housing Design Guide; and in-depth reviews of Development, Design and Profit in the 21st century, The National Urban Design Conference 2015, Bristol; and Designing City Resilience, RIBA conference, 2015; and Port City Talks Antwerp-Istanbul, MAS, Antwerp (Europalia biennial).

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