Issue 2Local-Eyes!

Local-Eyes! explores the role of the 'local' in building the 'local' community. Whether self organized, rallied together by a leader or a leading organization, teams of individuals can be extremely powerful in shaping cities. This issue's articles, part 1 of a two-part issue on bottom-up initiatives, demonstrate this through theory and practice, through explanations of transformations of post-Soviet cities to explications of the Venice Biennale and the Richard Rogers' Inside Out exhibit.



‘Dwell in possibility’*: forthcoming issue of Urbanista.org, out in spring 2019!

Dwell in possibility’, the next issue of Urbanista.org is coming soon, including interviews with Karakusevic Carson; Darryl Chen (Hawkins\Brown); Adam Khan; and Mexico-City based Francisco Pardo and a discussion of the contribution of a range of events staged over the last few years including Mobilising the Periphery #5: Europe, ANCB, Berlin (2018); the Nordic Urban Lab (Helsinki/Espoo, 2018); Cities for All: Gentrification, Public Space and the Tools of Placemaking, Stockholm, 2018; and RTPI’s 2017 UK planning overview, London. What kinds of new relationships can be fostered between ports and their hinterlands, and between cities, ports and their territories of water, can be shaped? A report from the Port City Talks Antwerp-Istanbul exhibition, MAS, Antwerp, part of the Europalia biennial there (2015-16).

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