3 Issue 3 : Sustainable Urbanism - New Directions

2: Sustainable Urbanism and the Social Sciences

Session II, Sustainable Urbanism and the Social Sciences, focussed on people and communities in the city, and their role in the sustainability of a healthy, safe and liveable city.

The panel included: Integrating the disciplines of urbanism with the social sciences; participatory design that engages citizens; bottom up and informal urbanism; socio-ecological approaches to urban design and planning; labour; crime, and health in sustainable urbanism.

Dr. Rob Roggema

Dr. Lucy Bullivant

Sharifah Hamza

Chair: Dr. Rafael Pizarro

The panel discussion, followed by the discussion for Panel 3 appears here.

Dr. Eduardo López Moreno, representing Dr. Joan Clos, gave a talk at the Annual Research Conference at the Qatar National Convention Centre as part of the Sustainable Urbanism session the next day. See the feature on Sultan Barakat and the ARC session below.

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