3 Issue 3 : Sustainable Urbanism - New Directions

Some comments from delegates

Feedback from delegates attending the Sustainable Urbanism New Directions Workshop offered insights and suggestions.

Thank you very much for the invitation to attend the meeting on Sustainable Urbanism. It was indeed a successful event that was enriched by different interventions in addition to excellent topics and presentations. I look forward to keeping in touch and to explore ways of cooperation between QU and UNESCO.

Best wishes,

Dr. Anwar Alsaid

Education Programme Specialist

UNESCO Doha Office


Just to say thank you for the wonderful workshop on Sustainable Urbanism. I was able to attend only the panel, but found the brainstorming discussions very interesting. I take this opportunity to add the following point to the proposed Research Agenda in Qatar and the region panel:

Explore new ICT sustainability solutions that:

1. build community linkages

2. better coordinate urban services

3. promote information transfer

4. enhance organisational transparency

Best Regards,


Abdelaziz Bouras, Hon. Causa PhD

Ministry of Transport and Telecommunication Chair Professor

Qatar University, College of Engineering

Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering



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