3 Issue 3 : Sustainable Urbanism - New Directions

Soul to Soil Permaculture Workshop – From waste to fertility, building soil fertility with compost

The Soul to Soil Permaculture Workshop: From Waste to Fertility: Building Soil Fertility with Compost, led by ecologist Nance Klehm and staged at the Qatar University Plant Nursery on 19 March 2016 was supported by SAIC (Al Sulaiteen Industrial Complex). Landscape engineers and gardeners from Qatar University took part alongside students, professional architects and landscape designers, local school children and their teachers.

Permaculture Workshop poster. © Qatar University.

Map of the Qatar University campus, showing the University Female College of Engineering and the plant nursery. © Qatar University.

SAIC continues to support the College of Engineering, Qatar University, in its work with students creating sustainable landscapes that contribute to food security and biodiversity on the Qatar University campus, and to collaborate with the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Qatar University (DAUP) to support events and projects on sustainable landscape projects at the University. (SAIC website).



19 March 2016 Permaculture Workshop

From Waste to Fertility: Building Soil Fertility with Compost 

Qatar University Nursery and Female College of Engineering Permaculture Garden

8:30 – 12:00pm

Nancy Klehm, artist, ecological systems designer, landscape/horticultural consultant and permaculture grower, founder of Social Ecologies, Chicago, USA

Luzita Ball, certified permaculturist, Qatar

Paige Tantillo, certified permaculturist, Qatar

Dr. Anna Grichting, architect-urbanist, Qatar University


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