Cycling Visionaries Awards: new ideas for urban cycling, Velo-City 2013, Vienna, 11-14 June

The Cycling Visionaries Awards programme highlights new ideas to evolve cycling cultures around the globe, seeking to support young individuals from different backgrounds and cultural contexts engaged in the evolution of cycling as their impact is key to the future of urban mobility. Participate in the global discourse on urban cycling! Send in your ideas and projects for urban cycling for the opportunity to win a Cycling Visionary Award in one of the following categories:

  • Advocacy and social projects
  • Science, research and development
  • Design, fashion and cycling equipment
  • Urban planning and urban design
  • Cycling and the arts

Winners of the Cycling Visionaries Awards are entitled to free participation in the foremost global venue on urban cycling, the Velo-city conference, to be held in Vienna, Austria, from 11-14 June 2013.

During the Velo-city conference there will be ample opportunities for prize winners to meet leading voices of the global cycling community. Cycling Visionaries will learn more about global cycling cultures, develop their own networks and expand the scope of their work. Moreover, Cycling Visionaries will participate in the Velo-city 2013 conference programme and present their ideas in speed-dating events, lectures, round tables or film screenings. Additionally, their work will be published in the Velo-city Vienna conference publication.

Currently, there is funding for up to 20 award beneficiaries. The organisers are working hard to increase this number with the help of sponsors.

In March 2013, a public vote will choose the Cycling Visionaries. The Cycling Visionaries Awards reach out to the global cycling community to help identify the most innovative and potentially useful projects in cycling.

The Cycling Visionaries Awards programme is open to ideas and projects covering all fields related to urban cycling. Submissions for the awards will be taken from now until 31 March 2013.

The Cycling Visionaries Awards programme supports individuals and initiatives that have not yet reached a prime economic level. The programme especially encourages the participation of persons aged 30 or younger.

For questions regarding the Cycling Visionaries Awards please contact the Velo-City organisers via email:

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