‘Dwell in possibility’*: forthcoming issue of, out in autumn 2018!

Dwell in possibility’, the next issue of is coming soon, including Custom & Self build: investigating the sector; Karakusevic Carson’s mixed use and tenure housing in London; Darryl Chen (Hawkins\Brown) on The Emperor’s New Housing – the London Housing Design Guide; and in-depth reviews of Development, Design and Profit in the 21st century, The National Urban Design Conference 2015, Bristol; and Designing City Resilience, RIBA conference, 2015; and Port City Talks Antwerp-Istanbul, MAS, Antwerp (Europalia biennial).

Lucy Bullivant, Editor-in-chief,

‘Dwell in possibility’, a forthcoming issue of is due to be released in autumn 2018. ‘Dwell in possibility’ interprets the verb ‘to dwell’ in a wide sense, focusing on pressing issues, analysing self-managing capacities for and innovation in mixed tenure housing, investigating emerging strategies for collective self-organised and other mixed tenure housing solutions in the UK and across Europe, and participatory imperatives of 21st century European urbanism and its valuable interdependencies.

The issue investigates the state of the custom & self build sector in the UK; Karakusevic Carson Architects‘ mixed use and tenure housing design in London, and features architect Darryl Chen (Hawkins\Brown) and essayist on The Emperor’s New Housing – the London Housing Design Guide; and architect and academic Mariangiulia Bennicelli Pasqualis (partner, ipostudioarchitetti srl) on the European project PROFICIENT, led by 17 different collaborating partners across the EU responding to the EU-wide trend for collective self-organised (CSO) housing processes boosting the quality and scale of energy-efficient buildings and districts.

What are the certain prerogatives of 21st century urbanism? A feature discussing the contribution of a range of events staged over the last few years including Mobilising the Periphery #5: Europe, ANCB, Berlin (2018); the Nordic Urban Lab (Helsinki/Espoo, 2018); Cities for All: Gentrification, Public Space and the Tools of Placemaking, Stockholm, 2018; RTPI’s 2017 UK planning overview, London; and ‘Designing City Resilience‘, RIBA conference, summer 2015, at which 25 countries were represented; What kinds of new relationships can be fostered between ports and their hinterlands, and between cities, ports and their territories of water, can be shaped? A report from the Port City Talks Antwerp-Istanbul exhibition, MAS, Antwerp, part of the Europalia biennial there (2015-16).

*Emily Dickinson.


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