Making it happen

All political parties need to promise to build enough social housing. Future proofing cannot wait.

Lucy Bullivant

‘Future-proofing is always a guessing game, but a 4G phone in 2022 might look like a new Nokia 3310 now. Delightfully retro. Decidedly quaint’, writes Samuel Gibbs in The Guardian, in ‘5G finally launches in the UK – but is it really worth it?”. Yup, 5G-capable phones for all, but not before social housing is placed at the top of the agenda following the UK government’s comprehensive spending review and acted on immediately if not before the review deliberations. What more do we need to know about the current crisis before we take action? ‘All political parties promise to build enough social housing’ is one of the priorities in housing charity Shelter’s strategy, 2019-22.. If we are discussing future proofing, we have to make the housing crisis a thing of the past as soon as possible.



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