3 Issue 3 : Sustainable Urbanism - New Directions

Sustainable Urbanism – New Directions: contents of this issue

The Sustainable Urbanism – New Directions Workshop was funded by Qatar National Research Fund and supported by Qatar University. Please read on for the contents of this publication.

This special issue of Urbanista.org Sustainable Urbanism – New Directions, focuses on the international workshop staged in March 2016.

Sustainable Urbanism – New Directions, Workshop Introduction

Dr. Anna Grichting: Extradisciplinary Investigations: Antidisciplinary Spaces Sustaining Future and Social Systems

Workshop Programme

I –  Sustainable Urbanism: New Paradigms

Prof. Gerhard Schmitt

Johanna Gibbons

Marco Casagrande

Dr. Rafael Pizarro

Audience Comments

II – Sustainable Urbanism and the Social Sciences

Dr. Joan Clos/Eduardo López Moreno

Dr. Rob Roggema

Dr. Lucy Bullivant

Sharifah Hamza

Audience Comments


III – Urban Data and Indicators for Sustainability:

Prof. Dr. Patricia McCarney

Prof. Dr. Patrizia Lombardi

Prof. Dr. Julia Lane

Dr. Ibrahim Karim

Nance Klehm: The Ground Rules. A Project of Social Ecologies

Brainstorming workshop

Some comments from delegates

Soul to Soil Permaculture Workshop

Permaculture and Edible Landscape for Food Security and Biodiversity at Qatar University

Ecological Patchiness Workshop: Johanna Gibbons

Blue Planet Design: Blueprints for Sustainable Urbanism

Sustainable Urbanism: Next Generation Awards


Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference (ARC) 2016

Sustainable Urbanism session:

Eduardo López Moreno

Prof. Dr. Patricia McCarney

Prof. Dr. Julia Lane

Prof. Gerhard Schmitt

Dr. Sultan Barakat


Dr. Anna Grichting: New Directions in Sustainable Urbanism in Doha, Qatar and the region

Dr. Lucy Bullivant: Sustainable Urbanism: Key Policy and Strategy Recommendations for Urban and Regional Development Planning Managers in Qatar

Dr. Anna Grichting, Dr. Rob Roggema, Marco Casagrande: Dohasis: the Bourbon Restoration of Doha

Johanna Gibbons: Homegrown Urban Forestry

Nance Klehm: Subject and Object, Spirit and Matter

Dr. Patricia McCarney: City Data for Sustainable Urbanism

Dr. Rob Roggema: Reflections on Permeable, Anti-Fragile and Participative Urbanism

Dr. Patrizia Lombardi: Sustainable Urbanism: New Directions – Gaps in current research

Sustainable Urbanism: New Directions – Media coverage

Networking Reception

Nakheel Landscapes

Organisation team

Photo credits

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