‘Dwell in possibility’: forthcoming issue of, live in May 2019

Dwell in possibility’, the next issue of is live in May 2019, including interviews with London-based Karakusevic Carson Architects and Mexico-City based Francisco Pardo, a review of Mole Architects’ Marmalade Lane co-housing in Cambridge, and an essay by Norwegian participatory design specialist, architect Alexander Eriksson Furunes. The issue interprets the verb ‘to dwell’ in a wide sense, focusing on pressing issues, and analysing self-managing capacities for and innovation in mixed tenure housing, investigating emerging strategies for collective self-organised and other mixed tenure housing solutions in the UK and across Europe, which were the subject of Future Homes for London, a conference staged at the Royal College of Art in 2018. Central to these themes are the participatory imperatives – a growing feature of 21st century European urbanism.

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