Super-Seeding, the latest Proto/e/co/logics symposium, is staged on Veliki Brijuni, Brijuni National Park, Istria-Croatia, 24 August 2013

Super-Seeding, the latest international architectural symposium in the acclaimed Proto/e/co/logics series curated by architects Alisa Andrasek (Biothing) and Bruno Juričić and staged by MLAUS, the Mediterranean Laboratory for Architecture and Urban Strategies, a private institute of architecture founded in Croatia by architect and academic Bruno Juričić, will be held on Saturday 24 August 2013 from

Tweet City: what if London’s buildings grew according to the amount of data they generated? Hügel and Roumpani’s cool visualisation tool

What if London’s buildings grew according to the amount of data they generate? Stephan Hügel (@urschrei) and Flora Roumpani (@en_topia) two PhD students from The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London, have been working on a system to read in Twitter data to CityEngine and link the geo locations to building outlines. ‘As part of our

Play Me, a seminal video exploring patterns in children’s play across cultures

Play Me, a video exploring patterns in children’s play across cultures, was produced in 1997 by Helena Bullivant, the film producer and Director of Fierce Bird Films for the highly successful international touring exhibition Kid size: The Material World of Childhood for Vitra Design Museum, Germany, co-curated by her sister Lucy Bullivant, curator, author and founder of, and Jutta Oldiges, curator at Vitra Design Museum, which toured globally for a phenomenal eight year stint. Clearly, such a unique, cross-cultural, anthropological-design historical focus had rarely been applied to this absorbing, seminal topic affecting everybody around the world.

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